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What is the purpose of Young Catholic Musicians (YCM)

The Young Catholic Musicians learn quality liturgical music, arranged for orchestra and choir. Once each month, the young people lead the music for Mass at various churches.

The choir (including sopranos, altos, tenors and basses) gives strong vocal support to the congregation during Mass, encouraging full and active participation. The orchestra (composed of strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion) enhances and energizes the sung prayer.

The YCM repertoire includes liturgical music from well-known Catholic publishers including Oregon Catholic Press (OCP); Gregorian Institute of America (GIA) and World Library. The YCM also performs classical and contemporary Christian music as Preludes and Postludes.

Who are YCM

The Young Catholic Musicians are talented young singers and instrumentalists from throughout the Metro St. Louis area. These young people, aged ten through eighteen, form an orchestra and choir of sixty musicians.

Ultimately, we are a group of people who enjoy making music and having fun.

We also do some traveling.


Rehearsals are held two times a month. A schedule is published prior to the start of each season. Rehearsals are held at 816 Allen St., across from historic Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Soulard.


Members benefit in the following ways:

  • Use rehearsals/performance as service hours for Confirmation and school requirements
  • Develop their personality in a supportive environment
  • Grow in their faith by taking a leadership position in the church, often bringing their families with them
  • Proud to be part of this unique pastoral music group; the sports equivalent would be a "select" team
  • Have an organization in which to develop their musical talent, and perform for hundreds of people once a month
  • Associate with each other without pressure, intimidation, or bullying
  • Perform for people in nursing homes and prisons
  • Grow to appreciate what they have when they perform for people who are less fortunate than they are
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Make lasting friendships
  • Associate with purpose-driven people of faith
  • Deepen your faith
  • Learn and lead quality liturgical music
  • Personal, spiritual and social growth
  • Academic scholarships awarded for attendance and service
  • Learn respect for self and others
  • Team-building exercises building cooperation
  • Serving as models of faith for other young people
  • Educational: (historic, civic and cultural);
  • Musical: (performance music, musical theater);
  • Personal: (self-motivation, discipline, punctuality, respect for self and others, leadership abilities, cooperation, courtesy, ability to function under pressure)
  • Gaining self-knowledge

Am I eligible for membership?

The Young Catholic Musicians, founded in 1974, is open to young people from all religious traditions, realizing that their talents and services will most often be dedicated to the congregations at Catholic parishes. There are no fees or dues included in membership. The minimum age for singers is 10 years.

What Does YCM Mean to you?

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